Ye Wu (吴烨)

Ye Wu (吴烨) received his Ph.D. degree from Zhejiang University of Technology, China, in Jan 2019. During his Ph.D., Ye Wu mainly worked on diffusion modeling and tractography parcellation. His Ph.D. thesis is "Accurate Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Brain Connectome Analysis Algorithm".

Ye Wu is currently a postdoctoral scholar with Multimodal Imaging in Neuro Disorders Lab (MIND) led by Dr. Pew-Thain Yap and IDEA group led by Dr. Dinggang Shen at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Before that, he worked in the Laboratory of Mathematics in Imaging (LMI) and the Surgical Planning Laboratory (SPL) at Harvard Medical School (HMS) working with Dr. Lauren J O' Donnell and Dr. Fan Zhang from 2016 to 2017.

His current research mainly focuses on the methodologies in Computational neuroimaging on diffusion MRI. He is interested in Quantitative imaging, Tractography-based Parcellation, Microstructure imaging, and Machine learning.


⭐️ (06/2021) Two papers (First author) was accepted by MICCAI 2021⭐️ (05/2021) I receive the ISMRM Summa Cum Laude Award⭐️ (03/2021) I receive the OHBM Merit Abstract Award.⭐️ (04/2021) Two papers (First author) was accepted by ISMRM 2021⭐️ (03/2021) One paper (First author) was accepted by OHBM 2021⭐️ (09/2020) I receive the MICCAI NIH Award⭐️ (06/2020) Two papers (First author) were accepted by MICCAI 2020, one for early acceptance.⭐️ (03/2020) One paper (First author) was accepted by OHBM 2020⭐️ (02/2020) Four papers (First author) were accepted by ISMRM 2020, two for oral presentations and two poster presentations.